The Largest Blackhole


Blackholes have always been a matter of enthusiasm. There are different types and sizes of Black holes. The smaller one can even grow in size with time. But they would need a lot of factors.

Primordial Black holes are the oldest Blackholes if they exist. They are older than atoms. It was produced right after the bigbang. The smallest primordial Black hole would have the mass of a mountain yet be small as a proton. If it has the mass of an earth it would be a bit larger than a coin. But they ate really hard to find since they are so small. They can even be dark matter. The stellar black holes are  larger. They are created by the gravitational collapse of a star. Their size varies from 5 to several tens of masses. But still small. To grow bigger,  Black holes have to either devour a lot of stars or merge with one another. To detect these phenomenon our technology is still young.


But we have detected a lot of merges of stars. We have detected several Black hole near our galaxy. Yet there are many more to discover. To learn about the Black hole please watch the video. It represents some amazing information about a lot of new stuff.







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