Cruella 2021

Movie: Cruella

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Director:Craig Gillespie

Country: US


The film is about how the famous villain of 101 Dalmatian,  Cruella De Vil become who she is today. This is actually her back story.  It starts from when she was kid who had unusual talent for fashion designing. But she was often bullied because of her half white and half black hair. Her name was Estella back then. Because of her talent and her nefarious streak at school her mother decided to pull her out of school to clean her records. So she stopped in a high society party to seek financial help. Her mother told Estella to stay in the car but didn’t. Upon seeing her the host’s three ferocious Dalmatians pushed her mother from the cliff and she died. Estella becomes lonely and orphan.

But she made two ostreet urchins who took her as their friend. She covered hair so that nobody can see her actual hair colour. But she uses her fashion skills to make good disguise helping her friends to steal. Her luck changes when Baroness von Hellman a renowned but authoritarian haute couture designer discovers her talent and recruiter her to work with her. At first Baroness didn’t really pay attention to her work until one day. Estella gets even closer to work with her now. As she becomes excited she discovers that Baroness wears the necklace which belonged to her mother. She has been blaming herself for her mother’s death. But she tries to unravel the truth.

The story may not be that appealing but there was thrill. The cinematography,  costumes were fabulous. It’s a great Disney movie to watch with kids on a holiday. So it’s worth a try.


Emma Stone

Emma Thompson

Joel Fry

Paul Walter Hauser

Mark Strong

And more.


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