Dune 2021

Movie: Dune

Genre: Sci-fi, Action,  Fantasy

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Country: US


The film starts with the narration by Chani, a habitant of planet Arrakis. She is a Fremen who are considered powerful fighters adapted to the harsh environment of Arrakis. This panet has a valuable substance called the Spice which has many applications. To take the Spice, the Padisha Emperor sent House of Harkonnen. They were brutal and earned so much money by ruling Arrakis for 80 years. There were fights between them and the Fremen. But suddenly the Emperor orders the House of Atredis to take charge over there. Unfortunately it was all a plan to destroy the House that was governed by Duke Leto.

Duke Leto was clever enough to understand but he thought of another plan to make friendship with the Fremen. His concubine Lady Jessica is an acolyte of Bene Gesserit. It is an  exclusive female order wielding advanced physical and mental abilities. She was instructed to have a daughter who will be Kwisatz Haderach, a messiah with so much powerful abilities. But she bore a Son, Paul. Paul has visions that are from Arrakis. the Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother who visits Paul in planet Caladan to test him if he can control his powers. He passes. After all the arrangements Duke Leto,  Lady Jessica and Paul reach Arrakis. While they started to get adapted with the planet,  House of Harkonnen with the help of Sardaukar army attacks the House of Atredis. The Emperor also planned to kill Paul and Lady Jessica  even after having Reverend Mother told him not to. The real battle starts from here.

This amazing movie is based on the 3 part novel DUNE by American author Frank Herbert. The most amazing thing about the movie is even though it is a Sci-fi genre there is no use of artificial intelligence. Rather the supremacy of human cultures and traditions were portrayed from tip to toe. There is application of advanced technology though. The film was just an introduction with so many incidents that created the base of its sequel. The amazing sets, cinematography and effects will make you wonder. If you are not a Sci-fi lover you will still love it. It’s a must watch.











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