Geoengineering and It’s Impact


Climate change has become a great headache that needs to be addressed properly. The environment is being damaged almost rapidly. The ice is melting faster, sea levels are rising,  too much pollution in everything and so much more. The world leaders and peace keeping organisations are considering to make some changes in order to stop the climate change. Their failure to address the rapid climate change can turn into a disaster. So in near future it may get necessary to try something radical and slow down the climate change.  Which is Geoengineering.

Geoengineering is a broad term. It can turn out to be better or worse. Examples of Geoengineering can be planting giant lights shades in space, seeding clouds, fertilising the ocean with ions to speed up the growth of algea. The one thing we can see I our lifetime is Keeping the Sun Away. The harmful Ray coming from sun is needed to be kept away. As it induces mutation, a lot dangerous diseases including cancer has become very common. Also trees, plants, other animals are being affected. Apart from this the increased greenhouse gases traps the infrared rays in the atmosphere leading temperature rise on earth.  But earth’s bright surface natural reflects back 29% of these rays. So we can take nature as inspiration. We can create models and structures and use these to lower the earth’s temperature. The 1991 Mt. Pinatuba eruption is a great example. A huge amount of sulfuric acid was produced from there which eventually hung around the stratosphere for a while. It created giant veils that reduced the sunlight to enter and remained cooled for almost three years. We can design such veils to conduct Geoengineering. Also there are many more inspirations that may be used for the betterment of this world. You can watch this amazing video by Kursgesgt-In A Nustshell and learn more about how to save the earth with Geoengineering.



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