Moon Knight


Series: Moon Knight 

Genre: Fantasy,  Action,  Romance,  Mythology 

Country: US 

Season: 1,….

Episodes: 06


Steven Grant is harmless man working in the toy selling section of a museum.  Apart from this very little job and a lonely life, Steven is very eager about the Egyptian Mythology.  He knows a lot about it and various gods worshipped by the ancient Egyptian people. But because of his fragility he is often ignored by his co-workers. But this very simple man sleeps tieing of his legs every night. Which is a bit mysterious.

After going to sleep, he discovers himself in somewhere different and fighting with unknown people. It looks to real to be a dream. But when he wakes up he finds himself in the same position he slept. But who were those men? He talks to his mom on phone sending voice mails. But his simple life gets upside down whe he discovers a phone hidden in his place. A woman calls him as Marc. She yells  at him for not contacting. Not realising what was going on he meets this woman only to discover that she is his wife. An some people are after him because they want to Awaken an Egyptian god. But somehow Steven was stopping them. So what will happen next?

This amazing Marvel miniseries is available on Disney plus. It tells the origin of Moon Knight, a Marvel Anti-hero. The series is full of twists and turns and a lot of action. This is a must watch.



Oscar Issac

Ethan Hawk

May Calamawy

And more.




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