Upload Mind and Live Forever?


Living forever is the myth that humans have been chasing forever. In movies,  books,  TV shows we see people doing everything possible just to stay alive forever. They are either afraid of death, leaving loved ones or want to rule the world.  The most common scenario was witches and wizards performing rituals and doing sacrifices. In other ways scientific experiments , finding a nectar and what not are being done to keep our body alive.

But is it really like that? Our mind, consciousness is bound inside our fleshy body. And this body is perishable.  One day we will die. But what if we could preserve our minds somewhere by uploading it? Mind uploading and gaining digital immortality is the concept of the game Cyberpunk 2077. Mind is the collective ability of consciousness and intelligence. It let’s us to imagine and plan for our working abilities. Mind uploading means making a copy of these abilities and transferring it to a computer to run a stimulation of our consciousness. But it’s hypothetical. And it’s not that simple. There are some factors we need to consider first. Our brain is inside our skull that has many different chemicals, fluids and neurons. It’s very sensitive to do anything. We still have confirm to be able to upload the proper stimulation. Lastly the mind is computable. Depending on these three factors uploading mind can be considered in future to keep people digital immortality. But there are aspects that needs to be considered. To know more you can watch the video by Kursgesgt named  Can You Upload Your Mind and Live Forever.


Video: https://youtu.be/4b33NTAuF5E



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