When we think about intelligence we take it as a trait just like height, weight, colour and all. But it is more complicated. In one sentence,  intense is the ability to solve problems.  Intelligence is more about how we survive, compete with sexual competitors or save ourselves from predators. Intelligence is connected to our consciousness and we make strategies for different matters.

Intelligence includes a lot of abilities.  Just like a flexible toolbox. The most basic tools of intelligence are gathering information, save it and use it. Information is the very Important basic of survival. Without knowledge a being is at the mercy of its surroundings. Also it has to keep track of its own needs too. The more information it has the better chances for making it to the end. Then information is more efficient if it can be saved. In other words our memories.  Everytime a living  being save information it doesn’t need to work from the scratch. It doesn’t need to waste any time. Then comes learning.  When all the information and memories are gathered,  the living being now has to repeat a process needed for living, over and over again until it learns. So learning is another basic tool.

Intelligence is more seen in the nature. If we think about the slime mold we can understand it. A simple living structure works and thinks  like an animal. Just like that all the living beings have some sort of intelligence they show throughout their lives. To know more about it watch this amazing animation by Kursgesgt-In a Nutshell.




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