Is Earth a Prison for us?


Have we ever thought that earth is more like a prison to us? What it means by that is we can’t escape earth love anywhere else yet. We are heavily dependent on its environment, resources, food, mines and all the other elements. More precisely we can live on earth surface not even under water. It will require oxygen and many more stuff just to make it an easy habitat. But earth’s resources are limited and we are either wasting it or damaging.

But there is another huge fact which kept us prisoners. Gravity. We know that everything in the universe pulls each other. Just like that earth’s Gravity pulls everything on earth. No matter how much force we put to throw something up it comes back. We had to do some serious math to send rockets outside earth winning against the Gravity.  So we are trapped in a gravity well. Being trapped in it is like we owe it energy. What does it mean? Our planets were dusts at first. It took millions or years and huge amount of energy to come together forming planets. The deeply something in a gravity well, the more energy it will have to spend for coming over gravity. As we were also part of the dust. To escape gravity rockets are designed using some equations. Inside a rocket there take place powerful chemical reactions. The chemical energy converts into kinetic energy. The exhaust is directed outward to push the rocket upwards. We are basically paying back energy to gravity. But it’s not as easy as it sound. There are lots of obstacles to come over. Also a controller needs to be there to have successful missions. There are other facts like mass, airpressure and so on. But we were able to escape earth by paying the energy to gravity. There have thousands of success space missions yet. Tolearn more watch this amazing video by Kursgesgt- In A Nustshell.





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