Vacuum Decay


Imagine having a button connected to a system that will destroy the universe. A self destruction method. Each and every thing will stop existing right after pressing the button. This is called the ultimate ecological catastrophy where life will become impossible.  In other words it’s the Vacuum decay.

At first we need to understamd 2 principles of how our universe will destroy itself.  No. 1 is the energy levels.  According to physics everything has energy in it. The higher the level the more the energy the system has. And when we process something like burning it, that component transform the energy and the levels change. It can be more or less. The second one is stability. Everything in the universe always has a tendency to reach ground level or become fully stable. Which having the least amount of energy. The more unstable a compound, the more energy it has. These two principles are true for every existing system.

If our current understandings of physics is correct then the universe gets it properties from quantum fields. They tell particles how to behave or interact. According to the stability principle everything wants to be at ground level with the lowest energy which indicates the Vacuum level. There is a very interesting field called the Higgs field that pretends to be stable. But not and called a false Vacuum. The Higgs field basically gives everything particle their mass. So what will happen if the Higgs field is destroy.  Everything will lose its mass and in simple word they will stop existing.

The possibility of Vacuum decay and what not is beautifully explained in the video by Kursgesgt given above. Do watch it to learn more.


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