Jane Eyre 2011

Movie : Jane Eyre

Genre: Romance,  Drama

Director: Cary Joji Fukunaga

Country: USA,  UK


The story begins with a young lady sadly wandering and stopping at a moorland in front of a house. She is soaked in rainwater and collapses. The house owner St. John Rivers and her sisters rescue her. They try to feel her warm and ask her name. She told them she was Jane Elliott and she must not be found.

But her real name was Jane Eyre. While being in shelter of the Rivers, she remembers her pitiful childhood. How badly her widowed aunt Mrs. Reed treated her after she became an orphan.  It was a very wealthy house but her got rid of her by sending into a strict boarding school. There she is mistreated and accused as a liar according to her aunt’s instructions. There she had only one friend,  Helen. After a while Helen also dies leaving her in solitude.

As she is treated well in the Rivers’ house, she tells St. John to find her work. She doesn’t want to be a burden.  He tells that he has found a job for the teacher of a small village girls’ school. It was a small house and the girls were from small villages. As Jane graduated from a well known girls’ school St. John hesitates because it doesn’t go with her status.  But Jane says she is happy to accept it as it will make her independent. Also she she is used to being alone.

Then she has flashbacks about her first job being appointed as a governess at Thornefield Hall to Adele Varnes. She was the young French ward of the owner of the house, Mr. Edward Fairfax Rochester. She was only 18 yet was well trained as she told to the housekeeper Mrs. Fairway and taught Adele pretty well. Jane tells Mrs.  Fairfax she wants to be as capable as a man. But she had never met or known a man in her life. She wants to get out. So that afternoon Mrs. Fairfax sends out of the house to post a letter.  There she meets a man who fell from his horse.  After reaching home she discovers he is Mr. Rochester.  He interrogates and talks to Jane in a strange manner as if she was his servant.  But Jane was very straightforward and fearless which was appreciated by Rochester.  Soon they become closer to each other and decide to get married.  Unfortunately on the day of their marriage Jane learns that Rochester has a mentally imbalanced wife who he has locked up for years. Jane feels betrayed and breaks down. Rochester tries to make it up but she couldn’t believe him anymore.  So she escapes the house crying and that’s how she ends up at St. John’s house. The story moves forward with Jane’s sorrows and solitary life full of despair. But the ending was painfully beautiful.

The movie was an adaptation of the same named novel by Charlotte Brontë. The novel was published in 1847 yet the 2011 movie adaptation was so perfect in cinematography and costume design that you will not find any difference. Also the characters were played brilliantly. With a bit of a tragedy how was an orphan woman adapted with her loneliness and coped up with life was the main theme. It also depicted the essence of love and pain of losing a loved one. A perfect movie for valentines day.


Mia Wasikowska

Michael Fassbender

Jamie Bell

Judy Dench

Sally Hawkins

and more.


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