Series: Miranda 2009

Genre: Sitcom

Seasons: 1, 2, 3

Episodes:  20


The story is focused on a gigantic woman named miranda and her hilarious life. She is 6’1″ and always dresses up casually not so feminine.  Her hair is pixie cut and she runs a toy store. Her mother is always after her all day telling her to get a job and get married.  But she constantly says that she has a job which running her store. In reality that store was pretty insignificant. She is awkwardly funny and must of the time ignored. She is often confused as a man or a queer by many people.

Her store assistant is her childhood best friend, Tilly. They often fight with each other as Miranda is very lazy and increases the work. She once went to an interview with her mom and in the middle of it she started singing. She is a great disappointment to her mother. But she really doesn’t bother until she thinks about Gary. He was a college friend who she fancies. She has flashbacks of dancing with him and remembers how she made him feel awkward.  When life itself became a disappointment to her she finds out that Gary is the new owner and chef of the nearest restaurant where she usually goes. She gets shocked and happy at the same time. Gary also seemed excited to see her. Miranda starts dreaming about what she would do. But unexpectedly Gary asks her out. She is super excited and tells about to Tilly. She says that she needs a proper dress for the dress. But as she is a bit oversize it becomes difficult. Suddenly she sees a store that sold fancy dresses of her size. The owner of the store excited dresses her referring to many accessories. But the guy thought Miranda was a man as the store sold dresses for drag queens. Unaware of that Miranda comes back dressing like a drag. Tilly was shocked and tells her to change and get dressed normally. This is how the series goes on.

This BBC sitcom is really funny to watch. The way Miranda talks and behaves will make you burst into tears out of laughter. How she turns every disastrous moment of her life into comedy is really enjoyable. You will also find the very young and gorgeous ‘Lucifer’ star Tom Ellis as Gary delivering some hilarious jokes in the show. It also won awards and nominations.


Miranda Hart

Tom Ellis

Sarah Hadland

Sally Philips

and more.


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