John Wick 2014

Movie: John Wick

Genre: Action, Thriller

Director: Derek Kolstad

Country: USA


John Wick is a former professional hitman. He left this career after his marriage. But after some year she dies of a terminal illness. Her wife left a little puppy named Daisy and a letter so that he can cope up with the loss. He slowly bonds with the puppy. He spends his day with Daisy riding his 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1. He stops to a gas station but an unfortunate meeting happens with a Russian gangster trio. The leader Iosef wants to buy John’s car. As he denies and drives back to home, they come at night destroys his luxury home, kill Daisy and takes away the car. He made John angry killing the last gift left by his wife.

Iosef takes the car to Aurelio’s garage to change the VIN. But Aurelio recognises the car and tells him that he stole it from the wrong guy. Iosef insists but Aurelio punches him out. John visits Aurelio and gets to know Iosef is the son of his former employer Russian Crime Syndicate head Viggo Tarasov in New York.  Because of John’s success in assassinating some high level people Viggo was able to set up the syndicate. When Viggo learns what Iosef did he gets scared. John was famous for his ruthlessness. He was called Baba Yaga when he worked for Viggo. He killed men with only a pencil. But Iosef was immature and thought that he will kill John before he even reaches him. To save his son, Viggo doesn’t get back either.  Though he tried to talk to John but he refuses it. So Viggo sends a team of hitmen to John’s house. But get killed by John. Then Viggo places a 2 million dollars bounty on his head. Asks personally to John’s mentor Marcus and he accepts.  John seeks help from New York Continental Hotel that personally caters for underworld criminals. Assassination on the hotel grounds is strictly prohibited. Viggo doubles the bounty for anyone who will break the rule. The hotel manager Winston tells John about Iosef’s whereabouts. But Ms. Perkins also comes to the hotel to kill John. Now John is all alone against his enemies.  Will Baba Yaga defeat all of them?

This thrilling Keanu Reevs movie is full action and awesome fighting scenes. With the action and drama Reeves didn’t disappoint his fans at all. The movie has 2 sequels released with more actions. More sequel are soon to be released. This is a must watch movie for the action lovers.


Keanu Reeves

Michael Nyqvist

Alfie Allen

Adrianne Palicki

Ian McShane

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/1TmQtPI


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