Series: Dexter 2006

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Drama

Seasons: 1,2,3,4,5,6, 7,8

Episodes: 96

Country: USA


The story focuses on a forensic bloodstain pattern specialist,  Dexter Morgan.  He works for the fictional Miami Metro Police Department. But secretly leads his life a dangerous serial killer.  But all of his victims are either serial killers themselves or criminals.  He kills for justice. But his mindset didn’t develop in one day. When he was three his mother was killed with a chainsaw by drug dealers. His unimaginable trauma left him feelingless. A Miami police officer,  Harry Morgan adopted him. But he understood Dexter’s trauma and sociopathic behaviour.  So he manipulates Dexter to use his tendency to bring justice.  To catch criminals who cannot be caught by police.

Dexter explains in different episodes that he has to sympathy or empathy.  He is just empty of feelings. But he pretends to laugh and cry. He tries his best to bend in he succeeds. His first victim was a killer nurse. She used to give the patients wring drugs to kill them. She killed Dexter’s father. So Dexter kills her too. With time he got smoother and entered the police department for intense research to find the criminals. His sister is also a police officer in the same department. To everyone he was a naive person. Nobody could ever imagine him being a cautious and perfect serial killer.  But another killer stops him. The killer drains all blood from victim’s body. As if he was sending Dexter some kind of a message. Since the crime scenes don’t have blood,  Dexter is restricted from investigation. But he can’t just sit there without finding out. The killer was leaving the bodies from an ice truck. No one is able to crack the mystery. Nobody is willing to listen to Dexter too. Season one focuses on the ice truck killer. But when he figures out the killer he finds connection from his childhood.

Every season has its own mystery. Dexter is a brilliant sociopath and excellent at disguise. The cold behavior of a serial killer is depicted amazingly. Although repeatative story may bring monotony. But it also portrayed the interaction of a sociopath with society and coping up with it.  It is a must watch for crime thriller lovers. But it contains horrible scenes of deadbodies. So you better consider it if you are sensitive about graphic images.


Michael C. Hall

Julie Benz

Jennifer Carpenter

David Zayas

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/2B8nk1i


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