K.G.F. 2018

Movie: K.G.F.

Genre: Action, Drama

Director: Prashanth Neel

Country: India


An Indian journalist Anand Ingalagi published a book named El Dorado based on the events that took place at Kolar Gold Fields from 1951-2018. However Indian government banned the book and burnt it. But a news channel finds a copy. At first the interviewer thought it must be a bluff. But the journalist was famous for his truthfulness. So he was called for a secret interview about the real events that he wrote in the book.

He started a brutal story about gold mines. A bunch of farmers found a strange rocks that were glittering in Kolar district, Karnataka, 1951. The government officials came for investigation but a local Don Suryavardhan kills them and takes over the ore.  Then he the advantage of the ongoing Cold War as the price of gold went higher. He deceitfully bought for a lease of 99 years under the pretext of mining limestone. Also mercilessly kidnapped people around the area for labour. To keep his company strong he made five partners. But when Suryavardhan got a heart attack the partners started to plan against him along with his inside people to take over K.G.F. A sick Suryavardhan gives the responsibility to his son Garura.

Rocky was also born on the day the ore was discovered. Brought up by single mother his childhood was full of hardship and poverty. His mother got a fatal disease and couldn’t get treatment because of not having money. So she makes her 10 year old son to become very rich in life and rule. After his mother’s death Rocky comes to Bombay for work. Instead he gets involved with fighting and soon starts working for a local don. His power and fighting ability kept everyone frightened. But he was kind hearted to the poor and helpless.  After seeing his potential Indrajit Desai, a partner of Suryavardhan calls him to Bangalore to assassinate Garura in a political event.  But Garura was well aware of their plans. So he comes with full preparation and warns all of them. He leaves them because he promised his father he won’t do anything until his father dies. To save themselves they plan to send Rocky inside K.G.F as a labourer. After he manages to go in passing a tight security he faces true horror. But hides his true identity until one day.

This movie is full of thrilling actions. Any action lover will love this. This movie is a bit lengthy but once you start watching, you lose track of time. This is a must watch South Indian film. The second chapter is coming soon with more twists and action.



Anant Nag

Ramachandra Raju

Ramesh Indira

Srinidhi Shetty

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/26mIqde


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