Series: Goblin  2016

Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 16+3

Country: South Korea


The story is about an ancient military general, Kim Shin who was framed for betrayal. He killed a lot of people to save his country but unfortunately was cursed to have immortality. He will live to see his loved ones die. Though he had enormous powers but can only die if Goblin’s wife pull out an invisible sword from his chest. Only she can see it. Centuries past he never finds his wife. But he helps people with his power and is humble humble towards them. He lives with his nephew Yoo Deok-hwa in a big decorated house.

Ji Eun-tak is an orphaned high schooler who lives in sorrow . She works hard all day and also studies very well. Her mother got in an accident and she was also injured when she was in her mother’s womb. But she was miraculously saved by Goblin. After that she can see ghosts. When she was 9 her mother passed away and she was forced to live with her greedy abusive aunt. After all these incidents she is still happy and charming. Fate allows her to meet Goblin.  Their meeting was already decided. They keep on meeting coincidentally and Goblin starts developing feelings for her. He starts taking care and provides her with all she needs. He felt like she may be his bride. Goblin frequently asks if Ji Eun-tak can see any sword. She denies every time. But she was lying a the time. On the other had Goblin’s nephew rented the house in his absence to a guy unknown about his true identity. He was actually the Grim Reaper. He came to take away Eun-tak. Amazingly he falls in love with Eun-tak’s employer Sunny. She is a bold woman. When Goblin comes back he is angry to see Grim Reaper as he hates him. But now he has no choice left. They all have their funny, sad and loving moments. But the real pain starts when Goblin fails to save Eun-tak. Now who will put an end to his sorrow?

This amazing series will make you laugh,  cry and fall in love. The actors portrayed every detail amazingly. You cannot even think that which moment will overwhelm you. The stole all of the viewers’ hearts no wonder. So it’s a must watch K drama. Don’t forget to listen to the amazing songs and soundtrack.


Gong Yoo

Kim Go-eun

Kim Min-jae

Yoo Ina-na

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/20SEaTE


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