Kung Fu Panda 2008

Movie: Kung Fu Panda

Genre: Action,  Comedy, Drama, Animation

Director: John Stevenson

Mark Osborne

Country: USA


The story is a clumsy panda, Po who resembles a lazy teenager living with his father who is a goose, Mr. Ping. They live in ancient China’s the Valley of Peace. The village is protected by its Kung Fu masters and the Furious Five. Furious Five consists of five incompetent Kung Fu warriors. They trained by the famous Kung Fu master Shifu. Po idolises them and dreams to learn Kung Fu.  But his father tells him to continue the family business which is a noodle shop.

Master Oogway who is an old powerful and wise Kung Fu master tells Shifu to arrange a ceremony for choosing the dragon warrior. Everyone thought it will be among the Furious Five,  specially Tigress as she is the strongest. But accidentally Po appears on time of choosing and he becomes the dragon warrior. Shifu and the others cannot accept a commoner and lazy panda as holding an honourable rank. But Oogway tells it was no accident and Shifu must find out hidden abilities from Po. Meanwhile Shifu’s former disciple Tal Lung escapes the high security prison.  He holds the grudge of Shifu not making him the dragon warrior and giving him the dragon scroll. So he sends Shifu a message that he is coming and no one can stop him. Here everyone disappointed with Oogway’s decision while Oogway dies. No one wants Po around them. But Po doesn’t want to give up. So Shifu starts training him. Tigress decides to go stop Tai Lung on her own but her other four members accompany her. Unfortunately Tai Lung is too strong and they come back defeated. Shifu tells them to evacuate the village. But Po becomes scared and leaves the palace. Here Tai Lung attacks Shifu and takes the dragon. Master Shifu is injured and cannot stop his selfish evil former student either. Now who will stop him? To know it watch till the end.

This amazing movie will make you enjoy it no matter how many times you watch. It will inspire you and make you think about life, friends and the people who love you. This amazing movie is really breathtaking with all those actions scenes. Kung Fu fighting style is depicted with a lot of fun and action. With two other sequels it tells about the life story of Po. So don’t miss it.  Watch it with your favourite ones.


Jack Black

Angelina Jolie

Dustin Hoffman

Seth Rogen

Lucy Liu

Jackie Chan

David Cross

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/56BM24W


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