Meat – the Best Worst


We all love meat. Of course not the vegetarians or vegans. We live to eat them as steak, meat balls, bacons etc. In fact it has become an inevitable part of our everyday meal. Even some decades before it was a luxury. But now it’s cheaper and available. People love to eat meat so much that it’s like the meaty diet of ours is eating up the planet. 
So what can we do about it and not give up meat at the same time? If we think about the huge number or cattle and herds of animals used as meat source, we need to feed all of them. Thus they create a giant feeding ground. The others facts like producing grass for feeding them we need huge land. Then to provide them water and process and clean  the meat we need a whole lot of water. In this way 27% of fresh water is being used. It is like a black hole for resources. But that doesn’t mean we will get all the meat from tip to toe. Unfortunately 97% meat is lost in the process and we only collect a small amount from our grocery shops. But it doesn’t end here. A lot more is there to conclude meat production as something really unwanted. To know more watch this video by Kursgesgt- In A Nustshell. 




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