Overpopulation has always been a massive problem in 3rd world countries. Lower education and neglected health concerns are considered to be the most common reasons. But what abouts the other countries?

Population has become a new concern. In the last century the population grew four folds. Some ideas about it are in case the growth doesn’t stop there can be more pollution, scarcity of food, diseases, lack of habitats and lesser sustainability. But this is still just an idea. But is it true or is it some groundless panic?

High population process goes through a 4 step process called the Demographic Transition. Most developed countries have already went through that while others are yet to. At first European has the transition. They had a poor state like poor sanitation, hygiene and most importantly people died more than they were born. Then industrial revolution took place in UK and their state changed soon. Developments in transportation, education and medication occured significantly and the poor condition was no more there. Women were no longer just doing household stuff rather they earned their rights to every other field. It was the first step of the transition. To learn about the rest watch this amazing video by Kursgesgt-In A Nustshell.




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