Science have so many questions to answer. Some of these unsolved mysteries are paradoxes. Like the video title they do keep scientists up at night.

The first one is The Fermi Paradox on in short “Where are the Aliens?”. As we belong to a very young planet there could be old ones with intelligence and should have visited us by not. But nothing like that evident yet. The Drake equation was used to find an estimate number of civilizations. As for now scientists have found the number of the worlds similar to each with modern technology. It is 300 millions.

Another Paradox is if there are so many worlds out there they why is the universe silent? With the advancement of technology it will solved soon. But who knows maybe we have already been visited by the aliens. As there are many UFO been caught in site.

The next one is The Bootstrap Paradox or time travelling. Many movies and books have it in their stories. What if someone traveled back to time and gave Shakespeare his own work Hamlet and he copies it. The same one ends up in present. So who actually wrote it?

Then comes The Grandfather Paradox. This one lead the scientists to come up with the idea of parallel universe or a different timeline.

Like these the video beautifully explains about some more Paradoxes. So make sure to watch it and get amazed.



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