Memories of Murder 2003

Movie: Memories of Murder

Genre: Thriller, Mystery

Director: Bong Joon-ho

Country: South Korea


The timeline is set on 1986. In a small town of Korea two women are found dead. They were raped and murdered. The bodies were tied in similar manner. Two local detectives Park Doo-man and his partner try to solve the mystery. Cho is really ill tempered. But says he has good eyes to catch the killer. As the methods of investigation and forensic facilities were not helpful, Pak decides to figure out with his eyes and intuition. Based on meaningless information he arrests a handicap boy whose face was half burnt. He had a habit of chasing girls but he was handicapped.

Cho beats the poor boy and they forcefully make him confess. Another detective, Seo Tae-yoon joins them. He came from Seoul. He figures out that the poor boy cannot commit murders with his damaged hands and releases him. More murders take place in same manner. Seo tells the chief that the murders took place on rainy nights and all of the women wore red. The only female detective Kwon Kwi-ok figures out that every time before the murders happened an unknown man requests for a certain song on radio only when it rained. Detective Park thinks it’s nothing. His methods clashed with Seo. They tried their own ways but still couldn’t figure out. Seo goes a nearby girls’ school for information. A girl tells him about an outhouse rumour. He further reaches a lonely living woman who was also a victim but got away somehow. Unfortunately she couldn’t see the face. The detective again chase and arrest a wrong man. The local people and journalists started to criticise them for their wrong captures. The last thing they did was to find the radio guy. They found him and kept him under watch. But he never confesses. So they go back to the handicapped boy for face recognition as soon as they realise he may have seen the killer.  But he dies in a railway accident. Lack of evidence and facilities they could do nothing. How will they catch the guy and stop these murders? Watch till the end for the ultimate twist.

Now famous for directing ‘Parasite ‘ , this was Bong Joon-ho’s second movie and it took all the attention. One the most watched Korean thriller is this movie. The movie is loosely based on the actual murders that took place in South Korea in the 80s and 90s. At first there are stupidity of the characters but then you will find overwhelming scenes that will make you crave for the end. With so many twists and sorrow,  this film is a must for thriller lovers.


Song Kang-ho

Kim Sang-kyung

Kim Roi-ha

Song Jae-ho

And more.

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