Microbes or microorganisms are everywhere. They’re on our face, hands, skin and inside our body. They are found in foods, furniture, plants, keyboards, mobile etc. They even be found in ice and volcanoes. We can never get rid of them no matter what. They are an essential part of not only our life but also our body. In fact a lot of them cause deadly infections. So millions of years ago we adopted a mutualistic relationship them.

The moment a baby passes through birth canal mother’s microbes surrounds it. Although babies born by c section are not that much exposed to these microbes. But they help building better immunity inside the baby’s body. Also mother’s milk help these gut microbes functional and keep the child strong against other diseases and infections. As we grow older the composition of the microbes living inside and outside of our body changes. When some healthy microbes die because of some drugs and antibiotics we use, it leads to dysbiosis. Dysbiosis is called the imbalance in our microflora. Also sometimes some microbes become opportunistic and cause serious infection. To avoid that we take probiotics which consist of beneficial microbes to strengthen our gut microflora. Thus we live either fighting of helping the microbes get nutrients from us.

To learn more about microbes please watch this video by Kursgesgt.

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