Why Boredom is Good


None of us wants to get bored. So we constantly do or at least try to do something and keep ourselves occupied. But if we pay heed to boredom it actually doesn’t go away even if we continously do something or stay busy. You can hangout with your friends and still get bored. In a recent study participants were put in a room for 6-15 minutes and keep themselves entertained with their thoughts. They were also given a shock button but they must avoid to press it. The results were, 25% of women and 67% of men pressed it and shocked themselves. Although they were told to be given money if they could avoid it.

Which means they would rather shock themselves rather be bored. Other studies also show that most people don’t want to get bored. They would do anything. So what is boredom? When you have nothing pleasant or meaningful to do among all the options you have, you feel underwhelmed. That’s boredom. The easiest way to avoid being bored is using your phone. But are we missing out something beneficial from boredom? Well, when are bored our mind wonders. It dives deep into though which leads to creativity. It seems like a paradox. Because we feel tired and sluggish. At the same time we are being creative. Our thoughts are processed in a different way. So to know more you can watch this video by Veritasium.




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