Series: Mouse (2021)

Genre: Crime ,Thriller,  Mystery,  Psychothriller

Season: 1

Episodes: 20+3+2

Country: South Korea


In late 80s or 90s there took place brutal murders by a notorious psychopath.  He killed people and took their heads leaving their bodies. He was given the name ‘Head Hinter’. While trying to kill a family he gets caught by the police and put on life sentence. While there were research carried out to see if a child is a born psychopath with the help of gene identification. Psychopaths were born with special sets of genes and the government of South Korea wanted to pass a law to abort the babies that had the similar genes. But it didn’t pass. The killings were stopped. The Head Hunter used to be a star neurosurgeon was a very caring husband. His wife was pregnant when he got caught and the world saw his real face.

After 25 years killings with a similar pattern started again. The whole police department was trying their best but there were mysterious events no one expected. Detective Ko was adamant to catch the killer as he was one of the victim families of Head Hunter. He wanted to serve justice. But there are too many suspicious characters who have the probability to be the hidden killer. As Detective Ko starts to unravel the mysteries and discovers the killing patter the killer gives him some surprises as well.  Too many unpredictable events made the series super hyped throughout its air.

This is a must watch for thriller lovers. A lot of twists and turns and the question who is the killer will keep you going on. It has Crime, Mystery, betrayal, affection, trust and psychological twists.  It’s worth it.


Lee Seung-gi

Lee Hee-joon

Park Ju-hyun

Kyung Soo-jin

And more.


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