Never Have I Ever

Series: Never Have I Ever (2020)

Genre: Teen, Comedy,  Drama

Season: 1,–

Episodes: 10

Country: USA


Devi Vishwakumar, a teenager of Indian descended has ended her high school freshmen year in an unsatisfactory way according to her. She plans on making the upcoming year as cool as possible.  She happens to be a brilliant student in the class. Her two best friends are really close and supportive of her. Though one was an Asian and another was black. But she wanted her life to be more American.  Hanging out with cool people, wearing stylish dresses avoid her own culture even planning on turning into an atheist like her cousins who are now in college became her agenda.  She wanted to be those cool  stylish girls in high living an awesome life. But life wasn’t going the way she wanted.


Her super- Indian mom always tried to make sure she follows the religion and culture. But her life changed after her beloved father suddenly passes. He meant the world to her and was very much supportive.  Unlike her strict mother he was almost always on her side. She had a nemesis called Ben who always competed with her. They kinda hated each other. She also had a crush on a senior,  Paxton who happened to be really attractive and athletic.  She was so into him that would do anything just to be with him. Hiding from her friends she makes up a lie that they are dating secretly.  She even asked Paxton to hook up without any commitment. Paxton agreed. She avoided and lied to her friends and family. She forgets the importance of embracing her own identity. Upon many disagreements with her mother and cousin Kamala who came to live with them for attending college,  Devi leaves her house. Amazingly Ben and his parents agree to let her live with them. She enjoyed living at Ben’s house as he was super rich. Unfortunately Paxton and her best friends discovere the lie she had been spreading around. So all leave her. This makes Devi very sad and heart broken. But she couldn’t even go back. Getting detached from both friends and family makes her realise what she had done. So she decides to fix it with the help of her nemesis Ben.


The ending of the first season is a big twist. Although there were lots of fun kept the show moving as a great teen comedy. The portrayal of Indian culture in America and white people interacting with it was perfect. The cultural shock was also showed. Moreover,  one’s own identity is nothing to be ashamed of was in the centre. The was season 1 ended , seemed like season 2 will be full of surprises. Even though most the cast were all new faces but they did great playing all the roles.  This Netflix show is worth a shot.


Maitreyi Ramakrishnan

Sendhil Ramamurthi

Darren Bernet

Jaren Lewison

Poorna Jagannath

Ramona Young

Lee Rodriguez

and more.

Image source: https://pin.it/27MU32H

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