Knives Out 2020

Movie: Knives Out

Genre:   Comedy , Mystery

Director: Rian Johnson

Country: USA


The movie starts  with the housemaid discovering the dead body of a famous mystery writer Harlan Thrombey. His throat was slit and he was on his bed. Initially it was thought to be a suicide.  But after the involvement of police and the famous private detective Benoit Blonc, the matter became serious. For investigation purpose all of Harlan’s children, their spouses and children, his mother, the housemaid and his nurse were called upon. One by one they gave their statements about Harlan’s birthday party which took place just before his death.

All of them seemed to be sad but all of them gave corrupted statements hiding their true motives and arguments with Harlan. Harlan was a very rich man and built his empire from the ground all by himself. He was the sole provider of his family members. His children who had their own business were also in debts taken from him. So he tried to clarify himself that will not be providing for them anymore around his 85th birthday. After taking all their statements Benoit Blonc told the police officers that all of them lied. The only person who could not lie was the young nurse Marta because whenever she lie she puked. Whe she was asked what happened on his birthday she remembers the actual incident. She had a great relationship with Harlan. She said Harlan needed a friend and because she had a good heart Harlan liked and adored her so much. She was the last person to see him. She remembers that she gave Harlan the wrong dose. She gave him a huge dose of morphine that would kill him in 10 minutes. But she told him there was another way to save him with another dose. Unfortunately it was missing. She cried and dialed 911 for ambulance. But Harlan stops her saying if she is exposed giving a wrong dose her whole family will be kicked out of the country as they were undocumented immigrants. So he tells her to calm down and do as he says then leave. To save Marta he slits his throat. Marta cries but holds herself and does what he instructed.

All the family members seemed really greedy and were after Harlan’s money and property.  But the family lawyer declares that Harlan changed it to Marta’s name. This took a whole of twists and turns. The unexpected turn of events made this two hour long movie amusing. It will not bore anyone. As for the cinematography,  it gave a very colorful vibe with the mysterious decorations inside Thrombey’ house. Although there were moments that seemed funny but were not funny at all. The pathetic disaster of greedy family members and the mystery writer taught them a great lesson. To find the actual story and the culprit you have watch till the very last part. The cast was amazing.  Two great action superstars Daniel Craig and Chris Evans played different characters than usual. Overall the movie is enjoyable.


Ana De Armas

Daniel Craig

Chris Evans

Jamie Lee Curtis

Tony Collette

Catherine Langford

Michael Shannon

and more.





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