Plastic Pollution


Plastic is the most affordable, available and cheapest product that is an detachable part of our daily life. We have reached a state we cannot think without Plastic. Bags, utensils, bottles, button,doors everything is made of plastic nowadays. Unfortunately this is just as bad as it is. It caused mass pollution.

Like king Midas was granted the wish for a golden touch. Whatever he touched became gold until he realised that it was actually a curse for his greediness. He was surrounded by gold but starved and lost everything else. Just like that plastic has consumed everything. Sadly we have plastic inside our body. Pollution has reached so far that the vast ocean is full of it. Fish and sea animals are consuming and dying. When we eat the sea food plastic is getting inside of us too. Recently a news showed that plastic was found inside a placenta of a mother. How dangerous it has become that we are on the verge of destruction. This sad reality is beautifully depicted by the video by Kursgesgt-In A Nustshell. Please be sure to watch it and spread awareness.


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