Penny Dreadful

Series: Penny Dreadful 2014

Seasons: 1,2,3

Episodes: 27

Genre: Horror,  Thriller

Country: UK, USA


The series is set in the late 19th century timeline in Victorian England. A great explorer from African continent Sir Malcom Murry’s daughter, Mina has been kidnapped by something supernatural that walks among people. He puts together some people specialised in their unique skills to form a team and find his daughter.

Vanessa Ives an enigmatic woman with mysterious abilities helps Sir Malcom to his his daughter and form the team. She first recruits a marksman Ethan Chandler who shows his great skills with guns in his shows and earns money. Miss Ives spots him and tells she needs a man like him to perform a deadly task. Invites him to a place with preparation.  He comes and meets with Sir Malcom and they all meet with some people talking in arabic.  Those people were not humans and start fighting with them. The gruesome creatures won’t die easily.  But Chandler killed the with his guns alongside Sir Malcom.  But Miss Ives goes inside the house and find mutilated corpses and there was blood everywhere.  A creature appears from inside the bodies and attacks them but Sir Malcom kills it. Chandler confused with what happened leaves but Ives tells him to come join them when changes his mind. On the other hand the city faces the horror of mutilated corpses of mothers and their infants almost every day. Unknown of who or what does such macabre things people stays horrified. But Sir Malcom knows this creature has taken his daughter and he needs to find her. He invites young and arrogant anatomist Victor Frankenstein. He meets Sir Malcom but refuses his offer even though he would get a high price. That night his research of creating artificial human becomes a success. But the following horrible incidents make them all join Sir Malcom.  The other team members were Sembene, Dormans Gray , the Creature and Brina Croft. They all have to face terrifying entities and fight them altogether and find Mina Murry.

The series portray some popular and terrifying characters of literature.  They are all brought together and the story becomes more interesting. This  psychothriller contains graphic scenes and may pose shock. It will be unwise to watch for a heart patient. Otherwise a very enjoyable classic horror show worth watching.

Image source: https://pin.it/2VGEySs


Eva Green

Timothy Dalton

Reeve Carney

Harry Treadaway

Josh Hartnell

and more.


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