Tell Me Your Secrets

Series: Tell Me Your Secrets (2021)

Seasons: 1, —

Episodes: 10

Genre: Thriller, Drama


The story follows lives of three individuals who get connected to each other in the most unwanted and unpredictable way. A mother (Mary) desperate to find her missing daughter,  a woman(Karen/Emma) trying to start a new life as someone else and a criminal (John) seeking redemption continuously remember their horrible past. Mary believes that her daughter,  Theresa was kidnapped by Karen’s serial killer boyfriend Parker. She constantly tries to talk to Parker but got refused everytime. His girlfriend Karen served in the prison for covering up his crime. Mary meets her and asks her to help find Theresa. But she refuses as well.

After seven years Karen is released and starts a new life as Emma Hall moving to St. John’s, a small weird town hoping to leave her past. And she sends a letter to Parker severing all her ties. The town she moved in was depressing and she saw a teen black girls called Jess getting bullied by some girls. So Emma helps her and tell her not be afraid. Later on Jess befriends her for standing up for an orphan like her. She tells Emma that nobody cares about orphans in this town and it’s  a bad place to start over. On the other side Mary learns Karen was released and changed her name. She has opened an organisation to help parents like her finding their missing children. Fortunately after all these years Parker finally agreed to see her. But the letter from Karen breaks him and he commits suicide. This makes Mary desperate and angry because she was very close to know the truth. So she offers a job to find Karen based on her old pictures to a former rape convict, John who was trying to be a better person after serving in jail. Meanwhile the Parker’s death shatters Karen now Emma. She couldn’t help but cry all the day because she loved him so much. At that moment Jess knocks her door for help. She was running for her life but Emma doesn’t open. After a while Emma goes to find Jess and finds her dead body. She feels utterly guilty about it and realises there was someone watching her.

The new series seems to be full of mysterious events that will make you more curious. With time more secrets will come to light. Although the show wasn’t really dynamic but it’s worth a shot.

Image source: https://pin.it/7bkAA8n


Lily Rabe

Amy Brenneman

Hamish Linklater

Xavier Samuel

and more.



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