RX 100 (2018)

Movie: RX 100

Genre: Drama, Romance

Director: Ajay Bhupathi

Country: India


Shiva is a young man lives in a village of Andhra Pradesh, India.  Although he is well mannered but has strict ethics and stands against injustice.  So sometimes he gets involved in fights. He is raised by Daddy who is not his father but raised him like his son. Shiva has a well built figure and a very lively guy. During a local rally he is noticed by Indu. Indu is the daughter of the local politician. Indu gets attracted towards him and develops feelings. But Shiva doesn’t know about it until he starts going to Indu’s house for political work purposes.

Indu was really beautiful and he cannot but fall in love with her. They both involve in a romantic relationship. Soon their relationship starts getting really intimate and they turn it into physical as well. Shiva is really happy and they both ride on Shiva’s RX 100 motorbike and enjoy their time. They seem to deeply in love with her. Time pass and Shiva tells Daddy about Indu. Daddy is really happy. Shiva tells him to talk to Indu’s father about their relationship. However Indu’s father already gets to know about their relationship. But he doesn’t say anything. One night Indu tells her father that she likes a guy and wants to marry him. Indu’s father was expecting her to tell about Shiva. But a very unexpected thing happens.  Indu tells about a different guy who has a very good background. Indu’s father gets shocked but agrees as the guy had a better background than Shiva. His daughter has no future with a guy like Shiva. That night Daddy was about to talk to Indu’s father but he overhears their conversation and gets shocked.  So he immediately leaves and tells Shiva that he couldn’t talk due to his accident on the way. Meanwhile Indu’s wedding preparations start and Shiva is notified. He breaks down and swifts to the ceremony to stop it. Unaware of the fact that Indu betrayed him he reaches Indu and tries to escape with her. But Indu’s father’s goons beat him and locks him up. When he gets out he is heartbroken to see that everything is over and Indu went for US. Still in love with,  a devastated Shiva cannot move in and the only memory with her was his bike. He waits for her for years. After 3 years Indu finally comes back to the village. Then the most unfortunate events take place.

This film is based on true events that happened with a young man called Siva. A twisted love story filled with betrayal from the most unexpected places made the movie unique and painful. It’s a must watch.


Kartikeya Gummakonda

Payal Rajput

Rao Ramesh


And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/55v7dfP


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