Spirited Away 2002

Movie: Spirited Away

Genre: Fantasy,  Adventure, Animation

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

Country: Japan 


The story is a bout a girl Chihiro who is 10 years old. He was travelling with her parents to their new home. She was about moving into a new place. Her father wanted to take a shorcut so they entered a forest. On the way they ended up in a tunnel with bigger walls like a border. There were shrine-like stuff everywhere. But Chihiro didn’t want to go beyond the tunnel so she warned her parents. But they didn’t listen. On the other side of the tunnel there a village that seem ancient and abandoned.  But it was decorated as if people lived there but they couldn’t find anyone.

After passing by a shop full of delicious food Chihiro’s parents started eating nonstop. But Chihiro lost them as she entered the village later. She ran into a boy named Haku. He said she must leave the place crossing the riverbed before sunset. Or she will be trapped. But it was already late. She entered the spirit world. Humans aren’t allowed there. So her parents were cursed and became pigs. They were taken for away for slaughter. And Chihiro started turning into a spirit. Now she felt really hopeless.  But Haku helped her and told her to get a job from the bathhouse. The owner Kamaji helped her and told to meet Yubaba the witch for hiring her. Yubaba was a cunning witch and changed her name to Sen. Haku warns her she must not forget her real name or she will never it out. And only Yubaba can help her get out with her parents. But there evil spirits all around to her away. How will she make it out?

This amazing Ghibli film will take you to another dimension. The story and the wonderful illustrations along with animation is beyond description. Not only kids love the movie but also adults.  Miyazaki did a great job and it got him an Oscar for best animated movie. It won other prestigious prizes as well. You must not miss it. A perfect Sunday movie with your family. So don’t wait for it and experience an amazing ending with an amazing soundtrack.


Rumi Hiiragi

Miyu Irino

Mari Natsuki

Bunta Sugawara

Yoomi Tamai

And more.

Image source : https://pin.it/2VujNzN


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