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We are heavily dependent on electronics. And the century’s most amazing invention is computer. The others are mobiles, laptops etc. But inside these tech products there used elements like Terbium, Neodymium and Tantalum. They are found by mining. We also know mining is hard work. Mining heavily affects of environment and climate changing. It requires a very large area and causes pollution. Another fact is the minerals will sooner or later end. Although there has been recycling procedures but the environment is being continuously damaged.

What if we get an unlimited source? We need to look up for that. The Asteroids. Asteroids are rocks or metals or ice. There are millions and trillions of amount of asteroids out there in the space. These were formed from the leftover clouds that formed planets billions of years ago. They can be as small as your pet dog or as big as an entire country. Most are found around the Asteroid belt and Kuiper belt. The others do on their own. As space travelling has become feasible than before scientists have found that the smallest asteroids contain millions of dollars worth elements like platinum. And the bigger ones may contain enough Nikel, Iron, Gold and Platinum to cover earth’s need. But asteroid mining is really expensive. Just like mining gold from ocean. To mine an asteroid there need space travelling, man power, time and so on. There are also many risks. But there can be many ways to solve this problem.  Such as replacing classical rockets with electrical ones. We don’t need much fuel on it. Although it doesn’t solve the whole costing problem but can be a good start. Then a near earth asteroid has to be found. Then the spaceship will stabilise it. Then with some more processing the precious metals can be brought to earth.

To know more about the details you may check out this very informative video to by Kursgesgt- in a nutshell. The great animation makes it easier to understand.



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