The Devil Judge

Series: The Devil Judge (2021)

Genre: Crime, Thriller,  Drama

Season: 1

Episodes: 16

Country: South Korea


The story is set in a fictional dystopian South Korea. The society is in a quite devastated situation. The rich and powerful abuse general and poor citizens. But the authorities do not seem to do anything significant. People are getting away with their crime. Unemployed and homeless people are increasing in number. No law or justice is prevailed. The citizens are now restless. In a time like this Judge Kang Yo han enters as a Saint for people.  His way of ruling justice and giving appropriate punishments are a ray of hope. He is appointed as the chief judge along with two other associate judges, Judge Oh and Judge Kim Ga on. But the court room is live broadcasted while case is running. And the Judge decides according to people’s vote.

Judge Kang is very ruthless when it comes to giving punishments. But he follows the law in his own way. The chief justice who is the former professor to Judge Kim, appointed him to keep an eye on Judge kang as he is suspicious for what he does. Besides he has shady past and a few horrible childhood incidents. Soon he becomes the an enemy to the powerful people like the President,  Minister of Justice,  the Foundation and others for trying to expose their misuse of power and corruption. So all of them come together to conspire against Judge Kim. As the story go on, more secrets reveal. The twist will unravel at the very end.

This is a very interesting drama. Although the way it intensified some moments, seemed unnecessary. But till the end you will keep guessing who is telling the truth or who is the main culprit. This is a must watch with a whole of amazing turns of events.


Ji Sung

Kim Min-jung

Park Jin-young

Park Gyu-young

And more.


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