Cook Up a Storm 2017

Movie: Cook Up a Storm

Genre: Drama

Director:Raymond Yip

Country: Hong-Kong,  China


The movie follows the story of Sky Ko who was left by his father when he was only 10. His father Mountain Ko left him with uncle Seven to make a successful career in cooking. But he gave Sky the excuse that Sky couldn’t cook. Sky couldn’t was very disappointed but train under master chef of seven restaurants uncle Seven.  On the other hand a celebrity chef in Europe Paul Ahn comes to Hong-Kong to set up his own restaurants as his father’s last wish. But his restaurant was set up right before Sky’s restaurant. Two of them had a conflict so everyone them to show their skills and prove who is the best. Paul.used his modern methods and Sky used his ancient techniques. But their skill were so amazing that nobody could decide who was the best. So they take part in an international cooking competition.

Sky is amazed and angry to know that the final round is to cook with Masterchef Mountain Ko.  He never even told the world that he has a son. But on the first round both Paul and Sky prepare delicious dish that the judges had difficulties. However Paul was announced the winner for his time management. Sky is now disappointed and doesn’t go home. Rather he spends his days by playing video games in the arcade. Uncle Seven comes and tells him not to be sad as he has a lot to learn in his life. On his way home Sky discovers Paul drinking in devastation. He asks why was he upset when he should be celebrating. But he tells that his friends betrayed him and tried to sell his restaurant. He doesn’t have a partner to go to the next round. And he wants to meet his idol Mountain Ko. This makes Sky laugh. He tells Paul that his idol is Sky’s father and he abandoned his own son for his career. Paul gets shocked but later believes him. Sky takes Paul with him in his restaurant but there happens something unexpected. From this point the movie starts getting more interesting.

This is an amazing movie you can watch with your family. A perfect movie to watch on a nice holiday with your friends too. The story is inspiring and has the perfectly cooked dishes that were marvellous. Must give it a watch.


Nicholas Tse

Jung Yong-hwa

Ge You

Tiffany Tang

Michelle Bai

And more.


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