The Witch 2015

Movie: The Witch

Genre: Horror,  Witchcraft

Director: Robert Eggers

Country:  USA, Canada


William and his family members are devoted christians. But over a religious dispute they got banished from Puritan Plymouth colony.  It was in the early 17th century. He along with his wife, eldest daughter Thomasin, son Caleb,  twins Mercy and Jonas settled near a  very big and solitary forest. They built a farm. They had goats, a horse, a black goat named Black Phillip and a dog named Fowler. Soon William’s wife Katherine bears another child, Samuel. The whole family was religious and William made sure that all of them practiced. He was hard on the children about this.

One day Thimasin was playing with Samuel.  When she closed her eyes  Samuel disappeared. She broke down into tears and looked for him but couldn’t find. Her mother blamed her for being irresponsible and soon they realised that a witch from the forest kidnapped him. Another fact was he wasn’t even baptised. His mother broke down and fell sick. The family prayed together and William and Caleb go out for a search. But they couldn’t find him. William also tells about Caleb’s mother’s silver cup that he sold without telling her. Not finding her cup Katherine again blames Thimasin and calls her root of all the bad things in their lives. The twins also teased her about it.

Again Caleb set on hunting into the forest alonefind check a trap he set. Thomasin tells him she will accompany. After an argument they go together along with Fowler and Thomasin rides on their horse. In the forest a wild rabbit appears and Fowler goes chasing after it. Suddenly the horse started acting strange and Thomasin falls. Caleb goes after Fowler and he finds a house. A lady like figure comes out and takes him inside. Here Thomasin is scared and left alone. She couldn’t find Caleb and Fowler. Her father finds her and takes her back. Katherine devastated accuses Thomasin to take Caleb into the forest. Later at night in the rain Thomasin sees Caleb in the yard naked and ill with an unknown condition.  The twins sang songs with Black Phillip and talked with it often.  When Thomasin asked them about it they teased her and called her a witch. The family gathers around a sick Caleb and prays for him. But eventually he dies because of the witch’s curse and doings. While doing the prayer the twins forgot the sayings. Later on William accuses Thomasin of being a witch. So he locks both the twins and Thomasin. Right after that a lot of horrible and mysterious tragedies fall on them.

The movies is full of strange vibes and you may wonder about explanations. The whole idea of witchcraft was depicted in fragments. How a person leaves his religion and accepts the deals with the devil is the main theme here. All the characters represented the theme very well. Though there were loopholes and the movie was quite slow at first. The finishing might not seem to be convincing enough. Overall it is perfect for those who don’t want to see too much horrifying scenes.


Anya Taylor-Joy

Ralph Ineson

Kate Dickie

Harvey Scrimshaw

Ellie Grainger

and more.



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