Hereditary 2018

Movie : Hereditary

Genre: Horror, Drama

Director: Ari Aster

Country: USA


Annie Graham,  mother of two teenagers,  Peter(16) and Charlie (13) is a miniature artist and live with her husband Steve. They all attend her mother’s funeral. As Charlie was raised by her grandmother Annie and Steve think she might be hurting but she seemed completely normal and expressionless. In the speech Annie tells that she didn’t know much about her mother’s life because she was very secretive. The funeral ends and they come home. she tells her husband that all of her family members had mental problems and eventually they all died. Steve comforts her.


But Peter and Charlie weren’t really close to each other. Peter seemed rather careless about his little sister. Later on Steve gets notified that Annie’s mother’s body was missing from the grave. It raises tension because she saw her mother’s vague appearance in her miniature studio. On the other hand Peter lies his mom about going in a party. Unaware of the truth she forces him to take Charlie with him as she doesn’t go anywhere. Peter took her and Charlie eats a cake that had nuts in it. She was allergic and falls into anaphylactic shock. Peter rushes her with the car at night. On the way to the hospital Charlie took her head out to breath. But Peter swerves to avoid a deer. Accidentally Charlie’s head gets decapitated with a pole. Realising that Peter slowly drives back home leaving the head and doesn’t inform anyone. In the morning his mother discovers Charlie’s body in the car and screams. After the funeral Annie lets out her anger on Peter at the dinner table telling he killed her daughter.

Annie, mentally exhausted, thinking of joining a support group expecting help. So she lies her husband about going to movie and instead goes to the group.  She befriends a middle aged women Joan who teaches her a ceremony to call her dead daughter’s soul. Annie convinces her husband and Peter performing the procedure.  Charlie’s soul appears and possesses Annie. Being scared Peter splashes her with water and comes into her senses. Steve and Peter tell her to stop nonsense and move on. Annie thinks Charlie’s diary is causing problems. She tries to burn it but cannot. She then goes to Joan’s appartment and finds evidences she knew her mother. They formed a group that worshipped a demon named  Paimon. It needed a host. Charlie was the host. As she was dead it needed a male host. Eventually she goes to the attic and finds her mother’s headless corpse with some occult signs. Now she shows it to Steve and tells him everything. Steve thinks she has gone mad. To prove everything she burns Charlie’s diary. Unfortunately Steve gets burst into flames and die. And suddenly Paimon possesses Annie’s body. Now Peter comes and discovers his father’s burned body. A scary looking possesed Annie chases him and he runs. Now what will happen next? The movie has a very interesting twisted ending. Watch it to find out and embrace the horror.

The movie didn’t seemed to end in cult rituals at the beginning. With a very usual everyday family scene will mislead you to think about what is going on. Horrible scenes and amazing depiction one with may feel all the fiction turning into reality. Also a mother’s desperation to protect her children and keep her family together while fighting depression was in the heart. Just like any other family they also had a secret and it was gruesome. Nonetheless all the actors did a brilliant job representing their characters.

Cast :

Tonight Collette

Alex Wolfe

Gabrielle Byrne

Milly Shapiro

and more.


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