A Werewolf Boy 2012

Movie: A Werewolf Boy

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Director: Jo Sung-hee

Country: South Korea


The story is about an old woman,  Kim Sun-yi who visits her old house in Korea after receiving a phone call.  Sun-yi was in her sixties and living with her family in US. Upon receiving a emergency call she rushes to South Korea. There lives her grand daughter who received her from the airport. They directly go to the old cottage. She tells her grand daughter that she lived her with her mother and sister for a while after her father died from a heart attack. She was seventeen back then.

Then she remembers her time here. The neighbours helped the unpacking and others when they first arrived. Now they were the only two families living in the village. The house was bought by Sun-yi’s father’s business partner’s son who was an ill mannered guy. He always teased Sun-yi and forcefully wanted to marry her. While having dinner with the neighbours Sun-yi’s mom tells them that she has lungs problems. She can’t stay in the cold. But after everyone slept Sun-yi heard a noise. She goes to out to check and finds a feral boy as if he was abandoned in their yard. Sun-yi’s mother was very kind hearted and kept the boy. She tried to find his identity but even police couldn’t help. So she cleans him up gives him clean clothes. But he can’t speak or read. She gave him a name, Chul-soo. He ate like a savage and growled like a wolf. Sun-yi didn’t like him at first. But them taught him following a dog training guide. The neighbours and their kids also accept them. They all play together and spend happy moments. Sun-yi used to pat Chu-soo whenever he listened to her. He liked Sun-yi very much and always listened to her. One night Ji-tae the son of business partner came with his men to take Sun-yi forcefully. He was hurting her. Seeing this Chul-soo got really angry. The anger made him transform into a beast, a werewolf. He attacked them all a saved Sun-yi. The following morning Ji-tae came with police to arrest Chul-soo. But nobody believed him and released Chul-soo. Sun-yi kept quiet about what she saw and blamed Ji-tae for harassing her. So angrily he forced the family to lock up Chul-soo in that abandoned yard house. Unfortunately he found a letter with a professor’s name who was conducting an experiment on a humanoid wolf creature. He went to tell them about Sun-yi and lock. Meanwhile Sun-yi took Chul-soo out and they ran to play. But Sun-yi fell unconscious due to her lungs problem. Chul-soo went upset and couldn’t figure out what to do. He got scared and carried her but there was nobody to help. What will happen next?

This amazing movie will make you know about love in the most graceful way. The ending will melt your heart. So it’s a must watch film.


Song Joong-ki

Park Bo-young

Jang Young-nam

Yoo Yeon-seok

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/1Lg4sXn


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