A Fall From Grace 2020

Movie: A Fall From Grace

Genre: Mystery, Action, Drama

Director: Tyler Perry

Country: USA


Grace Waters is accused of murdering her husband Shannon DeLong. Her case is given to Jasmine Bryant who is a public defender in a small town of Virginia.  She always takes plea deals. Grace insists that she is guilty and wants a plea deal to go to a prison near his son, Malcom’s home. But after going through the case details Jasmine doesn’t want to believe Grace and Shanon’s body was never found. So she wants to prove Grace’s innocence. But Jasmine’s boss Rory is not pleased and warns her if she loses the case she will be fired. She convinces Grace not to plead guilty. Grace agrees. Jasmine starts investigating with the help of her husband Jordan who is a cop.

She goes to meet Grace’s best friend Sarah Miller. She reveals that Grace’s husband brutally cheated on her with a younger woman and they got divorced. Grace worked hard and built her own house has her own money. But she was sad and lonely. So Sara encouraged her to go out and meet someone new. She met Shanon in an art exhibition. Shanon was really handsome and much younger than Grace. But he showed his interest and they started dating.  Meanwhile Jasmine and her colleagues Tilsa, Donnie give details that make them believe Grace is innocent. Sarah goes on by telling that Shanon gave a pleasant surprise in an enlightened garden and proposed her to marry. Soon they get married and everything went like a dream. Suddenly Shanon started come late and became busy. Never answered her phone or explained. Then one day she caught Shanon cheat on her the same way her ex-husband did. She broke into pieces and demanded for divorce. Shanon told her the most unpleasant things she could ever imagine. Sarah also confronted Shanon. But Shanon never admitted he was wrong. Then a call comes from Grace’s office that a lot of money was taken out through her account.  If she doesn’t return it they will call the cops. She understood it was Shanon who stole her password and now wanted her property too. Shocked Grace acted impulsive and stabbed Shanon. Sarah went to the house at night and saw Malcom leaving with his car. She says to Jasmine that she thinks the son helped her mother to get rid of the body. This makes Jasmine more confused. She proceeds for further investigations.

The story has mysterious moments. But there was still lack of excitement and expression. May seem to contain a bit overacting.  But overall you can watch it just like any other Netflix movie to enjoy your time.


Crystal Fox

Phylicia Rashad

Bresha Webb

Mehcad Brooks

Tyler Perry

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/11zQK0m


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