Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 2013

Movie: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Comedy

Director: Tommy Wirkola

Country: US,  Germany


Hansel and Gretel is a very popular folklore. But the movie has more than the old story. The beginning is usual.  Hansel and Gretel are abandoned in the woods by their fathe where a witch captures them and made Hansel eat candies to be fat and locked up Gretel. But they outsmart her and kill her. After that the siblings continue to hunt witches and kill them. They become very famous in fifteen years. Though it left Hansel with diabetes and he needs insulin every few hours to be alive. But both of them are somehow immune to witch spells.

They arrive in a small town as the Mayor requested to save innocent children who were missing. The Mayor hired them to find them as they could be taken by witches. Mean the town’s Sheriff Berringer tries to burn an innocent woman who is accused of being a witch. The siblings prevent the execution. But Sheriff Berringer also hires men to find children so that he can beat the Mayor. Hansel and Gretel manage to capture a witch who reveals that they will sacrifice 12 children in the blood moon achieve immunity against fire. Then the town is attacked by a group of witches along with the grand witch Muriel. They abduct another child. But Hansel and Gretel are attacked and injured. Gretel is saved by a teenager called Ben. And Hansel is saved and healed by Mina. She reveals that she is actually a white witch. Sheriff Berringer comes to kill Gretel but is saved by Muriel’s troll Edward. Then the siblings find their childhood home. Muriel kills Mina in front of Hansel and reveals the strangest secret of their childhood. She tell that their mother was a witch and Muriel revealed it to the villagers. So she was burnt alive. Their father was a farmer. He left them in the forest to save them and later on he was executed too. Both the siblings are. On the other hand the blood moon was only a few moments after. How will they save the children now? How will they kill the witches?

The movie is quite enjoyable if you are a fan of fantasy. Though there are some lacking you may find. But overall it’s fun to watch. A sweet and actionful flashback of your bed time story.


Jeremy Renner

Gemma Arterton

Famke Janssen

Peter Stormare

Pihla Viitala

Thomas Mann

Derek Mears

And more.

Image source : https://pin.it/7HIRpII


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