Aamis 2019

Movie: Aamis

Genre: Horror, Romance

Director: Bhaskar Hazarika

Country: India


The story in focused on a PhD student, Simon and a nutritionist  Dr. Nirmali. Sumon is researching about different type of meat people eat in north eastern India. Consequently he meets Dr. Sumon who works in a clinic as a nutritionist mainly for children. She also had a deep interest in trying different types of meat. This mutuality connected them and they started exploring going to different places. As Dr.  Nirmali was a local she took him to many areas where they could taste the meat.  One day Sumon brings meat of bat and tells Nirmali to taste it. She liked it. From then they start tasting bizzare meat that nobody really eats. They keep hanging with each other.

Sumon had a child and lived with her husband. She often would lie to her husband and go out with Sumon. Nirmali’s best friend warns her that she might develop feelings for Sumon if they continously hang out.  But she laughs it off saying Sumon is only a boy. They just like eating meat. But Sumon starts feeling for her secretly.  One day he comes up with a horrible idea of tasting human flesh. So he tells his roommate who is a vet to cut a piece from his leg. At first he denies but Sumon says it is for study purpose. So he cuts and Sumon cooks it. Then he goes to Nirmali’s clinic and makes her taste it without telling her. After eating his meat she says she loves it and it tastes really good. Then he tells her the truth. Nirmali gets surprised but she tells him that she wouldn’t mind trying it again. So he cut his own flesh again to please her. But Nirmali gets addicted to human flesh and can’t get rid of it. Sumon falls for her and he wanted to keep her pleased. Nirmali also starts to feel for him. Unfortunately the urge for human flesh makes Sumon kill a poor rickshaw puller for Nirmali. Then the most unpleasant things happen.

This is a very different love story that formed from the love of eating meat. It may sound pretty bizzare but the story takes all the twists and turns. How a person develops addiction towards forbidden stuff is perfectly depicted in this Asamese movie. Hope you will give it a shot.


Lima Das

Arghadeep Baruah

Neetali Das

Sagar Saurabh

Manash K Das

and more.

Image source: https://images.app.goo.gl/bwCVqAZKceppDNqC8



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