His Dark Materials

Series: His Dark Materials 2019

Genre: Mystery,  Adventure,  Sci-fi

Seasons: 1, 2, —

Episodes: 15

Country: UK,  USA


In a different universe, the human souls manifest in a resembling natured animal. They are called Daemon. The relationship between a human and Daemon is considered sacred. The story begins with small information like these. Then the scene starts with a man handling over a baby girl to Jordan College head, the Master. It was the time of the Great flood. Lord Asriel tells the Master that the college was the only safe place for baby, Lyra. He must take care of her. She was the child of prophecy who will change everything.

For twelve years , Lyra stayed at the college in Oxford and learned many things. She is mischievous and has a best friend called Roger. Both of them were orphan. Lord Asriel was Lyra’s uncle and a very famous scholar. He used to travel a lot for his mysterious research. One day he appears at the college and Lyra hasn’t seen him for a year. She peeps from outside the meeting room and sees the Master poisoning her uncle’s drink. When Lord Asriel was about to drink she jumps on him and tells him about it. Tells her to hide then in a cupboard before someone sees. He came to the college to tell about his research and give some pictures that proves the existence of Dust. He went to the north and took photographs. They also gave a prove of another world that maybe existed beside theirs.  He also brings the crystallised head of a scholar fro Jordan College.  He claims tha the government called Magisterium killed him because he found the Dust and other worlds. Seeing all these unimaginable and taboo stuff the college elders got shocked and told him these can’t be true. But he convinces them to fund for his further research. Lyra learns them from behind the cupboard. His uncle tells him to be careful then he left the next morning.

On the other hand a gyptian boy Billy was missing. There was a myth about Gobblers who kidnapped kids. But it turned out to true as the whole tribe started to look for him. Roger was also taken. Being worried Lyra begs for helm from Mrs. Coulter who came to take Lyra with her in London. She assures to find Roger. Before leaving the Master gave Lyra a compass-like alethiometer. She must keep it secret and it will protect her. Soo sweet Mrs. Coulter is revealed to be the one kidnapping children for her project in north. Learning this Lyra flees. But also gets kidnapped along with her Daemon.  How will she get out ?

The series is based on Phillip Pullman’s trilogy of the same name. It is full of mysterious events and many twists and turns. With progress the story takes you to a whole new world of science,  art and magic. With an amazing cast it’s worth a shot.


Dafne Keen

Ruth Wilson

Clarke Peters

James MacAvoy

Ariyon Bakare

Lewis Lloyd

and more.

Image source: https://pin.it/14l1vFx


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