Bojack Horseman

  • Series: Bojack Horseman 2014
  • Genre: Sitcom,  Dark humour
  • Seasons: 1,2,3,4,5,6
  • Episodes: 77
  • Country: USA


The series focuses on the life of a humanoid horse named Bojack Horseman. In the there are different animals showed as living with humans and acting like them. So Bojack used to be the protagonist of a 90’s  very popular show Horsin’ Around. There he played the role of a young person who struggled taking care of three adopted children. It was a sitcom that brought Bojack a lot of fame. But the show suddenly stopped and Bojack lost his fame.

In current days he is in his middle age but lazy, arrogant and highly depressed over his own life. He has let a broke young man named Todd stay at his home. Though he tells him to get a job a leave the house, he is scared to be lonely. His agent is a humanoid cat named Princess Caroline. She is also Bojack’s ex girlfriend who always complains that Bojack is the most irresponsible and most selfish person ever.  It was true that Bojack never cared for anyone.  He only goes to people and does hilarious things because he doesn’t want to be lonely.  He lives in a luxury house in Hollywood and mostly spends time drinking and having sex with random woman. One day he decides to write a memoir and bring back his lost fame. So the publication company hires a ghostwriter,  Diane. She comes to Bojack’s place to write his lifestory.  Bojack acts really careless and does stupid stuff.  But Diane is really patient and polite with him. Maybe the only person who understood him and showed him his reality.  With time they grew closer and eventually became important parts in both of their lives.

When Bojack started to grow feelings for her he gets to know tha Diane’s boyfriend is Mr.  Peanutbutter. He is a humanoid dog who happens to be Bojack’s rival. This angers Bojack. He tells Mr. Peanutbutter that his new show took away all the his fame. Bojack is constantly complaining and blaming other for the failures of his life. He does selfish stuff just for his own peace.

This amazing animated show depicted the reality and interactions of human life. It also focuses some major issues like drug abuse, alcohol abuse,  betrayal,  death, depression, blaming,  narcissism, marriage problems and so on. Overall it’s a great show with great plots and a wonderful cast. Must watch it.


Will Arnett

Aron Paul

Alison Brie

Amy Sedaris

and more.


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