The New Mutants 2020

Movie: The New Mutants

Genre: Horror,  Superhero

Director: Josh Boone

Country: USA


It all started with Dani Moonstar , a native American young girl, waking up from a horrible dream. Her father wakes her up and and tells her to run. Daniel sees there’s snowfall and fire burning the houses. People were running for their lives. Her father hides her behind the barks of the tree in a jungle and rushes to help other. Soon a monster like creature attacked the whole area. Dani’s father dead falls in front of her. Screaming she ran away and that monster came growling.  She loses her sense.

After a while she wakes up and discovers herself locked in a bed like a facility care. Then arrives Dr. Rayes. She comes to Dani and assures her that she is safe here. She will unlock her. But she must know that no one at her place survived.  Only she did. So they brought her here to know what extraordinary power she had that saved her. Upon her her release she is given a room where she will be under Dr. Rayes’ constant surveillance. Then she meets four other people with supernatural abilities in that facility. They were all mutants like her. Sam, Illyana,  Roberto and Rhane. Illyana didn’t really like Dani at first and was always teasing her. Dr. Rayes told her to give Dani a tour of this place. Illyana provokes her to run away but the place had an unbreakable sheild. So she got really hurt while trying to penetrate it. Dani then when to jump from the church roof and commit suicide.  But Rhane comes and comforts her that Dr. Rayes will release them if they showed progress to the treatment. So they went back to the place and became good friends.

At night whe Dani was sleeping she was having nightmares and her body condition seemed out of control. While Sam and Roberto went to the laundry. After Roberto leaves the environment changed around him and he started seeing how he killed his father in the mines. His dead father comes to him and all this happened like they were real. But they all disappeare when D4. Rayes wakes up Dani. After Dani’s arrival the facility faces horror and distraction. So Dr. Rayes is command by her superiors to kill Dani.  But the other mutants realise that Dr. Rayes has been lying to them ever since and now was about to kill Dani. Then starts all the disasters.

The movie didn’t really meet up the expectations of a superhero theme. The story was pretty hollow on the inside and didn’t make much sense. Although the visual effects were flawless the movie had many twists. Other than that it wasn’t up to the mark.


Blue Hunt

Maisie Williams

Anya Taylor-Joy

Alice Braga

Charlie Heaton

Henry Zaha

and more.


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