Brahms: The Boy ll 2020

Movie: Brahms: The Boy ll

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Director: William Brent Bell

Country: USA 


Liza and her son Jude were attacked by a masked man in their home. After that they were left with unbearable trauma. Liza was hauted by nightmares and Jude became mute. He used notepad to communicate. Liza’s husband Sean tells them they should move into a country house and it may be helpful with the trauma.  So they relocate to a countryside manor that previously belonged to the Heelshire family. But they didn’t know about the family including it’s dark secret.

While exploring the manor and it’s surroundings Jude discovers a porcelain human size doll buried in the ground. He gets attached to the doll and asks Liza if he could keep it. Liza takes it home and cleans the doll turning into a new one. Jude tells them the doll has a name. It’s Brahms. But weird things start happening after they took the doll. Liza often feels that the doll was moving and watching her.  She even saw it into another room when she put it in a room beside her. The TV also gets turned on its own. But she ignored it thinking Jude did it. But both she and Sean notice changes in Jude’s behaviour. They take a walk into the woods on Jude’s request and meets Joseph and his dog. He was the property care taker. Sean tells Liza to tell Joseph why they actually moved here and tension rises when she denies it.

Liza senses the strange events and tells Sean that Brahms must be doing it.  But Sean doesn’t believe it. So they argued over dinner. Sean leaves. But Liza joins the dinner and sees Jude was treating Brahms like a human. He wanted a plate for him. When Liza took it away there was loud noise. Jude tells she made Brahms mad. Later on Joseph tells Sean and Liza that a boy named Brahms lived with his family in this manor and killed two people. He never came out for thirty years. Then things turn into real horror.

The movie is the sequel of The Boy. Brahms’s true story was revealed in that part. That was more horrible and pretty dynamic. This one is slow and has a vintage vibe. Although if you love less horrible movies you can watch it. The cinematography was dark and calm. But there are lots of loopholes.


Katie Holmes

Owain Yeoman


Christopher Convery

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/5TtsgkR


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