Crazy Rich Asians 2018

Movie: Crazy Rich Asian

Genre: Comedy,  Drama

Director: Jon M. Chu

Country: USA 


Rachel Chu, a New York University economics professor has been dating Nick You for a while. Nick invites her to come to Singapore for attending his best friend’s wedding. Rachel comes and stays with her college friend Peik Lin. Peik’s family is grateful to Rachel for helping her in college days. When they ask who her boyfriend was, she tells about Nick. They all get shocked by hearing his last name. Peak tells her that the Young family is the most famous and riches in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and other countries. But Nick never mentioned about his family to Rachel. So Peik prepares her for the party to meet Nick’s family.

Nick apologies to Rachel for hiding this and introduces her to his mother Eleanor. But because of unmatched financial status and family background she doesn’t like her. In baccalaureate party she is disgraced by other women and gets called gold digger. She also meets Nick’s ex-girlfriend who tells her that is no match for the family. But Nick’s cousin Astrid comforts her. Her husband comes from a more humble family but was having an affair.  On the other hand Eleanor tells Rachel about the struggle she had to go through to get accepted by the family. Nick’s grandmother refused to give her the family green ring. Her lower background cannot go with the Young family.  Eleanor and Nick’s grandmother hire a private investigator and reveal that Rachel’s father was still alive and she is the child of her mother’s extramarital affair. Even Rachel didn’t know about. So they demand Nick stop seeing Rachel and end the relationship. Broken and devastated Rachel goes to Pike Lin’s house. She is depressed and stops eating and talking. Now what will happen next?

The movie is a milestone in the history of american movie because of its all asian cast. It beautifully portraits asian culture and traditions including the famous cuisine. Also marriage and traditions,  family status and coping up with it. A biggest flaw of the society is depicted in such a comedic manner. There are tragedies as well. But overall it’s an enjoyable movie and you must not miss it.


Constance Wu

Henry Golding

Gemma Chan

Lisa Lu


Ken Jeong

Michelle Yeoh

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/2vsXscd


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