Series: Castlevania 2017

Genre: Dark fantasy,  Horror,  Action, Animation

Season: 1,2,3, —

Episodes: 22

Country: USA


The story is about the great Dracula Vlad Tapes. He has killed countless men in battles but now locked himself away from the world. He doesn’t want to kill anymore or have contact with the outside world.  A woman, Lisa from a nearby village comes knocking on his door. She is fearless and thirsty of knowledge. Dracula asks for why she dared to enter the castle. She bravely speaks that she knows the Dracula has hidden knowledge and she wants to help humans with that. Impressed Vlad invites her to stay and learn as long as she liked. Soon they fall in love and get married. A child is born named Alucard. Alucard is half human and half vampire.  Lisa keeps travelling and aids people with her knowledge. She becomes a miraculous doctor and cures people. But village people accuses her of witchcraft and burns her alive when Vlad was away. An angry Vlad comes back and kills all the people. After losing his beloved wife he plans on killing all humanity from the world. He also seals Alucard under the castle  as he tried to stop his father from madness. Now Vlad has formed a huge army to unleash the horror.

Everyday people are killed or taken as food for the vampires of Vlad. The last member of disgraced Belmont family Trevor Belmont helps the people and fight off the enemies. His family was famous for fighting monsters and save people. But it perished and only he remains who drunk most of the time. A group of Speakers are also trying to help. From the a young female speaker Sypha Belnades who is also a magician joins Trevor on his journey. They both managed reach under the castle and  breaks free Alucard. They took Alucard as an enemy at first.  But explains that he also wants to stop his father. Even if he has to kill him. The three of them start journey together. On the other hand conspiracy starts growing among Vlad’s army generals. They plan to betray Vlad and do whatever is good for their selfish demands. The story gets interesting with every episode.

This adult animated series is based on a popular game. It depicts the medieval story of Dracula in a whole new way with touch of science. There’s magic, horror and a lot of action. It’s worth watching and can be enjoyed in weekends.


Richard Armitage

James Callis

Alejandra Reynoso

Graham McTavish

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/4QFsna2


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