Instant Family 2018

Movie: Instant Family

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Director: Sean Anders

Country: USA


Pete and Ellie Wagner cannot have children of their own said their relatives. So they decide to adopt. They enroll in a foster care to learn how to parent adopted kids. There is a fair arranged for parents to choose who they want to adopt. A bunch of teenagers where sitting together and chatting over how nobody wants to adopt them. Ellie cannot decide to choose any little child and left with the choice of teenagers. But she is not interested at all but is confronted by Lizzy who is 15. She impresses Pete and Ellie and they decide to adopt her. But she says she wants her 10 year old brother Juan and 6 year old Lita to be adopted with her. She can’t stay without them. Although at first the couple didn’t seem to be happy and didn’t want to adopt them. But after Ellie’s relatives say that nobody expected that they will adopt. So Ellie tells  Sharon and Karen of the foster care they want to adopt them.

The Wagner couple do their best to make the kids comfortable. They arrange the rooms and colour the room according to their choice. Lita is very stubborn and Juan is clumsy and sensitive. But Pete and Ellie are soft towards them. That night on dinner Juan and Lita ruin everything and Lizzy disagrees the way they were parenting them. They seek help from the parent group in foster care but everyone pity them as they adopted a teenager. Then Pete’s mother come to visit the kids and take them to six flags to have fun. But after going there Lizzy hangs out with her friends and returns very late. Pete grounds her and she gets really angry. Lizzy tries to leave the house and at that moment the nail gun shoots at Juan’s feet. Everything turned into a mess. But Pete calms Lizzy and tell her that they want her to be in the family. Lizzy smiles and agrees to come home. Everyone is happy. But Pete and Ellie’s happiness didn’t last long when Lizzy’s mom wanted to reunite with her kids. She is released from jail. The kids also wanted to be with their mother as she was arrested for being an addict. After seeing the warm meeting of the kid with their mother Pete and Ellie become upset in thoughts of losing them. The kids start acting more annoying and not listening to the Wagners. Things get really bouncy. But the ending is beautiful.

A perfect family movie to lighten up your mood. The movie depicts the importance of family and values. It is an amazing portrayal of love between family members and how precious it can be. So it’s a must watch to enjoy the weekend with your family.


Mark Wahlberg

Rose Bryne

Isabella Merced

Gustavo Escobar

Julianna Gamiz

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/2VinUAK



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