Despicable 3 2017

Movie: Despicable 3

Genre:Comedy, Action, Animation

Director: Pierre Coffin, Kyle Balda

Country: USA


The former villain Gru is now an agent of Anti-villain League with his newly married wife Lucy. They were given a mission to catch Balthazar Bratt who is a former child actor now turned a supervillain. After a lot of trial Gru is unsuccessful to catch him but he saves a big purple diamond. Gru and Lucy join the emergency meeting od AVL. A new director has taken place and dismisses Gru for being unsuccessful along with Lucy. They come back home sad but cannot let their three girls know about that they got fired. Now that Grulost this job his minions demand him to return as a villain again. But Gru doesn’t accept it. So the minions leave him accept two who were out of the house.

The next morning an old man wearing black suit and glasses came to Gru’s address. He tells that Gru has a twin brother, Dru who tracked him down. Hebis Dru’s butler , Fritz. Dru wants to meet Gru. Gru goes to his mother and she says that when his parents got divorced they separated with each son and promised to never each other again. Now Gru is very happy and excited to know about. He, Lucy and th girls pack up to go meet Dru. They reach the distant country, Freedonia  which is an island full of pigs. Fritz tells that Dru has the biggest pig farm on the island as a family business. He lives in a big castle like house. When Dru comes to meet him Gru becomes less happy and more disappointed to see Dru having amazing blonde hair. While he is completely bald. When Lucy and girls go to visit the island,  Dru takes Gru to a secret chamber and reveals that their dad used to be a furious villain. He was very proud of his son Gru as he followed his dad’s steps. Dru shows amazing and awesome weapons and suits of their dad. Gru is amazed to see all of this. Then Dru gives Gru a proposal to help him become a villain like him. To teach and train him. But Gru says he has quit it. Meanwhile supervillain Brat steals the diamond to destroy Hollywood just like he did in his childhood drama show. He wants the world to recognise him again. When heard Gru decides to take him down and Dru also comes. Meanwhile Lucy and girls go in a festival but struggle being a mother. But fulfills her duties. Now Gru and Dru reach Bratt’s tower. But they got caught and while escaping Lucy came for rescue. Gru blames Dru for the mess up. Now Bratt is on his way to destroy Hollywood. How will Gru stop him now? To see watch thi amazing movie.

Though the this film wasn’t that hyped like the first movie but it is definitely enjoyable. Your kids home will love it. A perfect family movie.


Steve Carell

Kristen Wiig

Trey Parker

Miranda Crossgrove

Pierre Coffin

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/2gT3uns


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