Rebecca 2020

Movie: Rebecca

Genre: Romance, Mystery

Director: Ben Wheatley

Country: UK


A poor young orphan woman works for Mrs. Van Hopper in Monte Carlo. She is like her ward. While working she gets to meet Maxim de Winter. He runs a huge family business in Manderley. Recently his wife died.  The young woman and Maxim spends quality time together. After a very short while they got married. The poor girl is now Mrs. de Winter and moves to a huge castle like mansion in Manderley with her husband. While arriving the staff are seen standing in line greeting them. Although she doesn’t seem to be welcomed. The head of staff is Mrs. Danvers and she controls the house. She didn’t like the new wife at all. She often compared her with the late Mrs. de Winter. It made her feel insecure.

She often asked Maxin about his late wife.  All he did was ignore. Her name was Rebecca.  The house is full of accessories that had her name graved on it. She had class and belonged to a good family. The poor felt inferior. The only one treating her well was Maxim’s friend Frank.  He was the one who her that Rebecca drowned and died even after being a fine sailor. She also meets an uninvited guest Rebecca’s cousin  Jack Favell. He tells her that Rebecca wanted to tell him something the day she died.

But Maxim hates him and banned him from visiting but came here as Mrs. Danvers invited.  Hearing this Maxim gets furious at his wife and Mrs. Danvers denies inviting him. Thus she keeps on conspiring against the new Mrs. till Maxim got really angry at her. She tries her best to fit in but Rebecca’s influence stops her. She even gets terrible nightmares about Rebecca moving around the house. Unaware of the any facts about Rebecca lives in fear. But she decides to revive the ball that used to be arranged by Rebecca. As the prime lady Mrs. Danvers tells her to wear something special.  She inspires her to wear a dress like the woman in the painting who was Maxim’s family member. When she wears it and joins the party Maxim gets angry telling her to change. She then came to know Rebecca wore it too. Later on after the party the drowned boat suddenly comes up and Rebecca’s skeleton is discovered. Everyone gets shocked because Maxim identified a body as her wife months ago and buried her. Then who was she? What actually happened? Mystery arises with Rebecca’s body and the story goes on.

The movie is long enough.  You may even get bored. The movie is a bit disappointing as the trailer seemed really exciting.  There were a lot of loopholes. The acting wasn’t up to the mark. Even though the secrets are revealed at the end it wasn’t really convincing.  But overall the cinematography and costume design were fine. This can be called just another Netflix movie to watch when you have nothing to do.


Lily James

Armie Hammer

Kristin Scott Thomas

Ann Dowd

Sam Riley

and more.


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