Ek Thi Dayan 2013


Movie: Ek Thi Dayan

Genre: Horror,  Mystery

Director: Kannan Iyer

Country: India


The story follows the life of India’s most famous magician Bejoy Charan Mathur aka Bobo. Although he is very successful in his profession but he has childhood traumas that still haunts him. He lost his little sister and father in a mysterious event when he was only 11.

To seek help he approaches Dr. Palit who his psychiatrist when he was a child. Dr. Palit puts Bobo under hypnosis and Bobo travels back to his childhood when the unfortunate incidents occurred. He recalls of living with his father and sister, Misha. Misha was six and was very close to her brother Bobo. Little Bobo was obsessed with a book in his father’s library. It was about witches and wizards. The book shared details of witches having long hair where lies their powers. And wizards have  power in their neck. 666 is the number of hell. So he went inside their building’s lift and pressed 6 three time. Misha also went with him Bobo told her that they were about to go to hell. When reach the mysterious floor someone scared them but suddenly they were on another floor and Bobo’s father scolded him. A woman named Diana came and started having affair with his father. She started being close to them but Bobo was convinced that she was a witch. On Diana’s birthday she showed her real face and killed both Misha and their father. She said that she came to take Bobo and he was chosen. But Bobo cut her hair and she vanished into ashes. The present time shows that he has a girlfriend called Kamna and they want adopt a kid called Zubin. Bobo loves Kamna and Zubin. But  mysteriously a girl comes to meet Bobo. Her name is Lisa Dutt. She also wants to buy Bobo’s childhood home. Bobo now thinks that the witch is back as Lisa. But tension starts to come up when gets to know the truth.

This movie is based on a short story ‘Mobius Trip’ written by Mukul Sharma. The story is not only interesting but also horrifying. Although the movie seemed a bit slow as the main story reveals at the very end. But it’s worth a shot.


Emraan Hashmi

Huma Qureshi


Konkona Sen Sharma

Kalki Koechlin

Rajatava Dutta

Pawan Malhotra

And more.

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