San Andreas 2015

Movie: San Andreas

Genre: Thriller, Action 

Director: Brad Peyton 

Country: USA


Two Caltech seismologists predict an enormous earthquake while testing their new model and right after that a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hits Hoover Dam. One of them gets killed trying to save a kid. The other scientist decides to not go the sacrifice of his colleague in vain. He and his other colleagues decide to warn the people of California that there will  be bigger attacks soon.

On the other hand Ray Gaines is a resuce helicopter pilot and works in California fire department. He and his wife Emma will soon get divorced. Their daughter Blake lives with Emma and her boyfriend Daniel Riddick. Daniel is the owner of a big company.  Ray loves his daughter very much and goes to meet her. After the meeting Blake and Daniel goes to Daniel’s office and Emma attends a function in a tower-like building. While waiting for Daniel’s work to be finished,  Blake meets Ben and his little brother Ollie. Ben came for an interview for Daniel’s company. But soon Blake leaves with Daniel.  Ben has a crush on her. When Blake and Daniel got in the car another earthquake hits and the driver is crushed. Blake is stuck. But Daniel abandons her and escapes. But Ben and Ollie rescues her and they leave. While Ray rescues Emma from the roof of that tower. Now they both go looking for their daughter. Meanwhile Blake,  Ben and Ollie head towards a safe zone. Blake informs her father about what happened.  Ray tells them to find the nearby highest building.  When they reach there another earthquake hits. Now it gets drowned. Ben and Ollie get separated from Blake. Unfortunately she gets trapped and water enters the place. Now who will rescue her?

This amazing movie is full of thrilling moments that are nerve recking. Every moment has a mixture of cruel uncertainty. It shows hoe a disaster makes us know who are our own and who truly loves us. How the people we love come back to us. Even though there are many loopholes the movie has great visuals and a great casting. It’s a must watch.


Dwayne Johnson

Carla Gugino

Alexandra Daddario

Hugo Johnstone-Burt

Art Parkinson

Ioan Gruffudd

Paul Giamatti

Will Yun Lee

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/5Bjem97


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